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  • MtrxCal  v.1.70Don't spent hours writing a program for some programmable calculator while MtrxCal can perform the same calculations with just a few simple lines. Don't waste time trying to find the right maximum and minimum values for plotting your functions.
  • Cute Skin  v.4.0Cute Skin SDK is very easy to use. In just a few simple lines of code, you can get the power of Cute Skin SDK to work for your software applications. For example, to create and display a fully skinned dialog window, you need only the following three ...
  • DataFitX  v.2.0DataFitX is a COM component (in-process ActiveX DLL) which allows you to add a powerful nonlinear regression (curve fitting) engine to your software with just a few simple lines of code. DataFitX is developed using COM, so it can be used in any ...
  • Rose  v.1. 1. 2006It is the game of the blooming flowers and building the lines (rectangles, crosses, corners, snakes, trapeziums, shoes ... - 18 figures). There are hundreds the additional pictures and several colour backgrounds. Games: 1)Simple lines - classik. The ...
  • PageTabs  v.1.0Simple toolkit for displaying Page Tabs in your browser window, using JavaScript and CSS.Can be implemented in a few simple lines of ...
  • OpenWYSIWYG  v.1.0An open source cross-browser WYSIWYG editor that's packed with every rich-text editing feature you need. Setting up openWYSIWYG is so easy, you can quickly turn any TextArea into a powerful WYSIWYG editor with just a few simple lines of code.
  • JAST - Javascript Toolkit  v.1.0JAST (Javascript Toolkit) is an Open Source cross-platform javascript framework that aid users to perform the most hard operations with few simple lines of code.It's modularity allow the download only for the code required to the page.
  • SplitM8  v.1.0By Picking 2 points, SplitM8 will create a split line.
  • GrowFX  v.1.7GrowFX is a system of modeling and animating plants for 3D Studio Max. You can recreate digitally a lifelike 3D model of any plant, from grass and trees to woodland using a refreshingly simple interface and an essential set of parameters that you can ...
  • Tabouli  v.1.2Tabouli - hip, trendy & full of styleThis is Tabouli, the latest theme from This theme is light and fresh - its designed to give your mind a break and your eyes some candy. Tabouli features big, bright colors, soft grey accents and ...
  • MOPlot  v.1.93MOPlot is a handy visualization application specially designed for fast molecular orbitals plotting from the outputs of the Gaussian 03/98/94, Molcas, Gamess/US quantum chemical calculation packages. This Molecular Orbital Plotting Program will prove ...
  • AiCharts for Android  v.1.0.0ArtfulBits Android chart is product that helps you visualize a wide range of financial, business, engineering and mathematical charts.
  • PDAcraft Lines  v.1.0.7Lines is a very popular, simple and easy-to-play puzzle game. You must pick the lines of 5 or more balls of the same color. You can make vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines.
  • Simple Worship  v.1.2Simple Worship is intended for displaying lyrics on a screen through a computer-driven projector, but could be used for other types of presentations.
  • Go Arcade Lines  v.1.77Go Arcade Lines is an extremely addictive puzzle game with brilliant graphics, popular pulsating music and a great variety of different game modes. It does not require fast reflexes and is even easy for kids to learn, but requires enough strategy.
  • Mobile Lines  v. game with simple rules for mobile devices with .NET Compact Framework 2.0. Put 5 colored balls in one line and get score points.
  • MoneyToys Simple Loan Calculator  v.2.1The MoneyToys Simple Loan Calculator allows you to quickly enhance your web site by adding a loan calculator which visitors can use to calculate loan payments without leaving your web site. Easily added and configured with a few lines of HTML.
  • AquaPack Lines  v.1.4Just when you though you saw it all, AquaPack Games released AquaPack Lines - the most extraordinary remake of the classic games. Yes, this game is all you ever wanted in Lines - classic, time-tested rules, striking graphics and autosaving option!
  • MomSoft Lines  v.1.0Lines is a FREE logic game in which you have to line five or more colored balls on a grid. The rules are very simple, yet the game is a real challenge.
  • Simple Funny Bricks  v.3.0In this simple game you must clicks on bricks same color to hide them. Bricks that was upper are falling down. You must hide all bricks. If to think - its very easy. But sometimes it can be impossible. This game is a little like patience or lines.
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